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$500 Grant Awarded During Charity Gala

Our first year has concluded with awarding two cash grants to women who have exhibited consistent promotion of mental health in the pageant industry via social media and personal initiatives.

In January 2023, the charity gala held at the Orlando Rosen Centre brought together nearly 150 guests to promote Still She Rose and positive mental health practices.

The recipient of the event's $500 grant is Chelsea Roberts of Utah.

"Thank you B4ACUSA for your generosity is continuing to support the Still She Rose initiative. I am honored to share the importance of mental health in pageantry, open the conversation and break the stigma," said Roberts.

"I plan to use this grant award to share the mission of Still She Rose with different organizations. I am scheduled to speak to a local yoga group on wellness and a group of pageant queens on the importance of mental health in pageantry. Creating a workbook for these groups will be a wonderful tool for them to use through their pageantry journey."

Charity Gala attendees dressed in floral formalwear and danced to tunes led by Pageant Concepts AV. In memory of the late Cheslie Kryst, attendees took home packets of rose bush seeds, encouraging recipients to plant beautiful white rose bushes in their home gardens or communities. Additional program statements were provided by former Miss Earth USA Andreia Gibau, Miss Earth USA Eco Emma Loney and the author of the Still She Rose program, Laura Ashley Cliff.

Thank you to attendees for helping the organization raise thousands of dollars in support of the pageant community wellness efforts. The funds have helped the B4ACUSA Foundation provide a post-pageant celebration brunch during this pageant week, sponsor a yoga seminar, daily wellness check ins, distribution of the Pageant Week Mental Health Workbook and more.

To get involved with the Still She Rose initiative as an Ambassador, Community Organization or Corporate Partner, please contact us via this form.

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