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Wellness Ambassadors

Still She Rose Wellness Ambassadors are people in the pageant community who aim to be a positive influence and to actively contribute to a transparent conversation regarding mental health and wellness in our industry.

Funded by the B4ACUSA Foundation, Wellness Ambassadors are selected through consideration of an applicant's dedication to mental health and ability to be a positive ambassador for the community. If selected, the ambassador program consists of :

  • Mental health online certification 

  • Social media campaigns 

  • Active outreach to the community

  • Sharing testimonies during webinars and events


Together, we can encourage wellness through self care, positive body image, renewed self esteem and affirmation of one's identity beyond pageantry. We aim to engage in a conversation of support, honesty, reflection and awareness, in order to promote wellness as the foundation of the pageant industry.

Because each of us can say, She Struggled; and Still She Rose.

Ambassador Photos
Meet Your Ambassadors

The B4ACUSA Foundation is a nonprofit organization uniting women in community activism. The Still She Rose wellness program launched in May 2022. B4ACUSA is a 501(C)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization registered in the state of Virginia. 

Follow our ambassadors on Instagram to learn more about them and get motivated! Click on the photo to link to their page.


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