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$500 Grant Awarded during Miss Earth USA

In December 2023, the Miss Earth USA organization partnered with the Still She Rose initiative to honor one delegate who most exemplified Positive Spirit, awareness and recovery involving mental health.

The recipient of the event's $500 grant is Haley Victoria McCluskey of Alabama.

"One day, I was exploring social media and decided to create a TikTok video. This video spoke about my sexual abuse and made a petty comment about what I should wear to court. My initial intention behind this video was just to be sarcastic towards the idea that what women wear has an effect on them being sexually assaulted. When this video reached 12 million people, I realized how many people related to this story. It opened my eyes to the power behind having a voice. My voice became a bridge with shared humanity, inviting others to cross and explore other perspectives," said McCluskey.

The $500 grant is designed to assist McCluskey's continued efforts in regards to mental health and wellness.

"My platform Holistic Healing with Haley is an online-based system where I work with clients to promote lifestyle changes that ultimately heal themselves and the environment together. Across my three social media accounts, I have around 100,000 followers. I believe social media and an online presence is the best way to reach and relate to people globally. With the scholarship fund, I will purchase the necessary tools to create my website."

The Still She Rose initiative also partnered with the recent Miss Earth USA pageant for daily reflections, motivations and goal setting.

Thank you to Keynote Presenter Dr Kennedy Garcia of the Spiritual Boss Chick and Meditation Leader Elizabeth Cron for volunteering time during this national experience!

To get involved with the Still She Rose initiative as an Ambassador, Community Organization or Corporate Partner, please contact us via this form.

Images by Moda Chic Photography

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