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10 Things Every Teen Should Know

Challenges approach us every day in life. As teenagers, we often face challenges that revolve around relationships, sports, peer pressure, bullying, obesity, school stressors, the list goes on. It is important to remember that these challenges do not mean the world is ending. In fact, most of our challenges are temporary, and with a little bit of work, we can overcome our difficulties.

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Every teen knows that a broken arm requires a cast and time for healing. What about our brains? Do we know how to support the part of our body that is arguably the most important? Every teen should know the basics of dealing with a mental health issue, but not all of us do.

Take it from me. I am a teen, and I am struggling with many of the same challenges as you. Over the past few years, I have found there are 10 main things that every teen should know about dealing with a mental health issue. These tips apply to teens who are struggling with their mental health maintenance as well as teens who know somebody who is struggling with their mental health maintenance.

Read the original article by Discover Mood to expand upon each of these tips.

  1. Asking for help when dealing with a mental health issue is a sign of strength.

  2. Living a healthy lifestyle helps keep your mind balanced.

  3. You have power. “I have control over my life.” “I am unique.” “I have purpose.”

  4. There are tons of different coping skills for managing mental health.

  5. Surrounding yourself with people that are healthy for you makes the recovery process smoother.

  6. Teens struggling with mental health issues are often misunderstood by peers.

  7. Spreading awareness reduces stigma.

  8. Your friend may be feeling emotions that prevent them from talking to you. Handle your friend with care.

  9. Your support consistency really helps the person who is experiencing a mental health issue.

  10. Leading a positive life can be contagious.

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