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May Social Media Daily Challenge

Updated: May 1, 2022

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and the official launch of the #stillsherose initiative.

The launch includes one month of daily social media challenges designed to increase public awareness and promote internal reflection. Join our email list to be updated with our daily challenges and follow @b4acusa on Instagram and Facebook.

The ROSE is symbolic of the spirit that grows within each of us when proper care and attention is applied. ​

Together, we can encourage wellness through self care, positive body image, renewed self esteem and affirmation of one's identity beyond pageantry. We aim to engage in a conversation of support, honesty, reflection and awareness, in order to promote wellness as the foundation of the pageant industry. ​

Because each of us can say, She Struggled; and Still She Rose. ​

Get to know the program creator Laura Cliff, MHC, MA.

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