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Thank You, NYC!

VIP Pageantry: Pageant VIPs and Celebrities Attended the VIP Pageantry Red Carpet Charity Gala on September 10th

Thank you to VIP Pageantry for selecting the Still She Rose initiative as benefactor of the New York City Charity Gala. Over $6,000 was raised to support the program and expand our efforts in the next year! Amazing!

The event was hosted by YouTube star and Influencer, Dani Walker and Miss Earth 2020, Lindsey Coffey. Mister Supranational, Luis Daniel Galvez, owner of Tori Belle Cosmetics, Laura Hunter, MHC, MA, creator of the Still She Rose wellness program, Laura Cliff and Robin Brock on behalf of Victoria's Voice was among the attendees and presenters of this evening. The evening carried importance with its theme and several awards and recognition made it even more special.

Watch the entire event on YouTube:

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