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Wrap Up Mental Health Awareness Month

"Five years ago, my boss told me that I was conceited, self-indulgent, and ridiculous for thinking that I even belonged in a pageant. Today, I’m creating a wellness program that will radically change the culture surrounding mental health in the pageant community." - Laura Ashley Cliff, MA, MHC, Wellness Coordinator of B4ACUSA Foundation

On May 1, the Still She Rose initiative launched with the daily social media challenges during Mental Health Awareness Month.

Women and girls all over the United States (and beyond!) participated in photo posts, inner reflection, and transparent statements to unite one another on the path to a stronger, more healthy pageant community.

During the first pageant directors' wellness workshop, 15 directors from around the industry convened to incorporate a program for health in their pageant planning.

The first wellness ambassador interest session was held, with over 30 registrants gathering to discuss how they can personally help their sisters through pageantry.

As we wrap up the month of May, we thank each of you who noticed this effort or participated! Perhaps you did not post but took time to mentally reflect on the question of the day.

Our efforts for mental health do NOT end on May 31! We look forward to continuing to offer FREE workshops, resources, and campaigns to foster a strong pageant community and in turn, strong girls and women.

"Not only do I belong here, each pageant I've competed in has been a stepping stone to this full circle moment of self-actualization and transcendence." - Laura Cliff

What's your testimony? How can you continue the journey and help others along the way? Contact us today to get involved in the #StillSheRose initiative.

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